Do you think you're
the best thing since
sliced bread?


14% of men say their self-esteem takes a knock after arguing with their other half.

Ah, self-esteem. Not something you'd lose sleep over, right?

Well, if you've ever gone on a date and had nothing to say, hopped into bed with someone and worried about your performance, or freaked out at work thinking you're no good at your job, that's your old buddy self-esteem. Or rather lack of it.

Well done, you.

Sounds like you've got everything under control, so just keep doing your thing. If anything changes, make sure you check out the advice via the links on the right.

You can always call us on 0300 100 1234 and take our Relationship Checker to see how things are going. Or why not check out some of the other areas we might be able to help you with here.

Common problems

Sometimes it's just something straightforward that can be fixed by getting fitter, a promotion or even a better haircut. But sometimes it's a bigger issue that can stop you from meeting new people, getting a new job or starting a relationship. If you think your self-esteem might be stopping you from getting on in life, let's do something about it. Give us a call for a confidential chat on 0300 100 1234. We won't judge you or tell anyone. We'll just do our best to help you out.

Be positive

Yes, it's a cliché, but if you spend as much time celebrating the good stuff in your life as you do worrying about the bad things, you'll be a whole lot happier. You might not be able to run a marathon, but you might be the only person at work who can cook AND add up.


Comparing is bad

Don't compare yourself with others. You've got no way of telling if they're as good at everything as you think they are. Chances are, they're not.


Make the important stuff, important

Work out what's important to you and focus on getting better at that. It could be work-related, to do with fitness and your body, or becoming legendary for telling the funniest jokes. You don't need to be good at everything (you'd just be annoying if you were).


Talk to people

Other people will have a much better idea of your strong points than you. Talk to them to find out what they are.


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Other helpful stuff

If you're really struggling to cope with self-esteem or you're feeling worthless, call us for a completely confidential chat on 0300 100 1234 or contact the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90 as soon as you can.

If there's anything still playing on your mind, why not use our free
Live Chat service. You can also find out about a one-off Relationship Check-up service available at your local Relate Centre, created with men in mind.